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Things To Say To Win Him Back – What To Say To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you’ve been wishing for another chance with your ex boyfriend, you already know that everything you say and do after the break up can impact that. It’s hard to know exactly how to handle the situation. You don’t want to push too hard for fear of chasing him even further away. You also don’t want to ignore him completely because he’ll start to think you’re no longer interested. When it comes to things to say to win him back there are actually two very specific things you want to express to him. If you do that, you’ll lay the groundwork for the two of you to have that happy ending you’ve been dreaming of.

One of the most important things to say to win him back is “I’m sorry.” Breakups are typically caused by both people. Although it’s easy to want to blame your boyfriend for the relationship falling apart, you had a hand in its destruction as well. You need to own up to your actions and let him know that you regret them. Be direct and genuine when you do apologize. Don’t go into a long explanation for why you did what you did. Instead, keep it short and simple. He’ll appreciate that you made the gesture and it will allow the two of you to move forward with a clean slate.

Another of the things to say to win him back is “I accept the break up.” This isn’t going to be easy at all, but you’ll find it to be very beneficial in your quest to get him back for good. Men expect us to react in a very strong emotional way after a break up. It’s understandable given the fact that most women are emotional and let that show. You need to curtail that though if you want him to consider getting back with you. Be strong and tell him that you’ve given the break up some thought and you see the benefit in some time apart. Do this with a smile on your face and he’ll be taken back. He’ll wonder where exactly your heart and mind is at. He’ll also feel unsure of a future without you in it. When a man breaks up with a woman and then senses he’s actually losing her for good, he’ll often rethink the relationship and beg her to come back to him.

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