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How to Make a Guy Jealous and to Make Him Want You More Than Ever Before in Just 3 Steps

Lover’s rejection, break up or even a divorce! You have hated him, ignored him and even deleted his number from your cell phone. But his memory, his laughter, his touch, everything gets back to you, as soon as you close your eyes. Only if, he too cared the same way! Only if, he had not dumped you! But dear, life already is filled with so many ifs and butts! So, what should you do now? Try new guys or have your prince charming back in your arms? Well, if you chose the later one, it’s definitely important to strike back and emerge the hottest news in your town.

Well, if you still can’t frame such a mind-blowing advent, you can at least make him jealous and crave for you, as he never ever did! Here are 3 tricks to make your man, desperately jealous for you! Sounds exciting, so do read on! But then, use them only on those guys, who, at least, have some soft corner for you. In case, you are not sure regarding his feelings, something which is bound to happen, you can still use these tricks. After all, you are not going to loose anything in the end!

#1 Do not cry To start with, stop being a cry baby. Do not plead, do not beg, do not reveal! The more you run after your guy, the more are you running away from him. Give him space, peace and in the meantime, flirt with his male friends. Let him know how important they are in your life. Cherish their chats, their conversations and their gestures. You man should feel the vacuum, the hollowness of your absence in his life. Do not initiate the conversation with him, until he seems interested. If, initially he doesn’t start, you can give him a little attention. But remember; be always in your limits.

#2 Be Busy Be busy. Try getting him out of your mind. Make him show that you are engrossed in different things, be it testing friends, talking on phone or staying online, late nights. Always remember, when you miss your guy, just hold on-it’s merely because, you have time to do so. Let him question why you are so engaged and so busy? If he ever questions you, try ignoring it, move on to the next subject and create suspense! Believe me; guys are more drawn to suspense in a woman, rather then her mere looks.

#3 Change yourself Change yourself and startle him. Try being a different human. Have some time for yourself. Go to gym, have a facial done and learn a new sport. May be, he turns a bit uneasy when he sees you going out with your male friend for a gym or sports class. It can be he might turn jealous and even wont mind coming to pick you up from your classes. So, that he can at least have a check on you.

Ultimately, he has to accept that your life does not revolve around him anymore. If, he had been rejoicing at you mourning for his return, he will definitely feel shocked and above all, be jealous. Make him feel insignificant in your life. Be happy, relaxed and enjoy your life being single. Do not be available for him, all the time. Let him sweat and search for you.

But, at the same time, be cautious in this game. Do not let it be too hard on him. Give it a break, if your guy is turning out to be violent, obsessive or mean. Though, everything is fair in love and war, what matters more is his presence in your life.

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